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Innovation / Ideas

SAMSON has been at the forefront of materials handling development for 50 years. From the celebrated SAMSON Material Feeder to the truck-to-ship concept developed through the Shiploader, SAMSON has given the materials handling industry many firsts, our innovations include:

  • First shiploader built in 1983 – Total of 110 units supplied Worldwide
  • We pioneered the Samson-Material Feeder concept with over 700 units worldwide
  • We combined the Samson MF with a Shiploader for bulk mineral exports
  • We created the “Cambered Boom” concept for Ship Loading
  • We developed the integrated Samson MF concept
  • We created the “Truck to Ship” concept for any bulk material
  • We designed and built Shiploaders with Multi-Directional Powered Travel
  • We designed and built Mobile Shiploaders with Integral Trimming Chutes
  • We developed Shiploaders with Full Dust Control
  • We developed Shiploaders with Electronic Ackermann steering
  • We developed the “Fully Integrated Mobile Shiploader” concept in 1987

We continuously upgrade and improve our equipment.  We are constantly investigating ways to improve materials handling capabilities.

With 50 years of experience our shiploaders and material feeders have evolved in terms of reliability, materials handled, mobility, user-friendliness and efficiency.

But, this is just the beginning….