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Power Plant

SAMSON Materials Handling offers a range of economical handling solutions for the loading and discharge of rail wagons, road trucks, barges and ships to Panamax size using a combination of surface mounted and mobile solutions.  These can be incorporated into the existing infrastructure of power plants. For electricity and steam generation in small captive power plants, the SAMSON Mobile Material Feeder concept offers significant advantages with complete flexibility in location and relocation, should plant development demand it.

Biomass logistics from forest to port to power plant

Non-Fossil-Fuel obligations force electricity utilities to source power from sustainable resources, of which wood chips or pellets are the most prolific, demanding efficient international logistics. SAMSON has considerable applications for Alternative Fuels.

For the intake of biofuels, delivered by tipping truck, the SAMSON Mobile Material Feeder is ideal, providing a buffer holding capacity and a controlled rate discharge, without the risk of bridging or blockage. This is due to the wide belt design, which ensures reliable handling, regardless of the material characteristics.

Quick response to changing market conditions

Where temporary or auxiliary truck dump stations are required in existing large power plant, the mobile SAMSON Material receiver/feeder unit can be easily positioned to discharge direct to the stockyard conveyors, without disrupting main plant operations. Whatever the requirement for efficient handling, SAMSON provides the solution.