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The SAMSON Eco Hopper is an economical and ecologically sensitive solution fulfilling all needs for the efficient import of dry bulk cargoes. The hoppers are designed to suit the characteristics and flow properties of virtually any bulk material. Rates of 5,000 tons per hour may be achieved, subject to the grab crane performance. The throughput of the terminal can be increased by adding one or more hoppers  and ensuring that onward handling systems can accommodate the increased capacity.


  • Extensive dust control features (Flex flaps, dust seals, dust control filters, air compressor)
  • Multiple discharge options: to conveyor, to truck, via telescopic chute, through ancillary Material Feeder
  • Multiple travel options: rail, static or pneumatic tyre mounted and powered and towable travel
  • Increased safety features (level detectors, strain gauges, structurally designed to withstand overload to top of skirt)
  • Robust design (top shroud, grab impact grill)


  • Minimise escape of fugitive dust
  • Fit to any onwards processing or logistics requirements
  • Can be used on non-dedicated quays and moved off the area when not in use
  • Flexible positioning to suit unloading vessel
  • Ability to work with a wide variety of materials with differing characteristics