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Mining & Minerals

Mobile Materials Handling Solutions for the Mining and Minerals Industry

The SAMSON range of bulk handling solutions is dedicated to the reliable intake, storage, export and import of minerals and concentrates at the quarry, mine, terminal and processor.

Mobility is at the core of our product concept; from truck intake, through to mobile stacking and ship loading solutions able to operate from existing or temporary berths. Our goal is to deliver this flexibility without compromising performance, environmental standards, safety or reliability.  This means we are delivering the same or even higher performance than you would expect from a traditional fixed installation with the benefit of complete mobility.

Eliminate the need for any in-pit truck haulage

In-pit haulage is an inefficient means of getting the mined materials from the surface to onward processing.  Fully laden trucks drive up from the pit face then return empty to repeat the process, which increases both labour and fuel costs.  By loading the material directly onto SAMSON Mobile Material Feeders connected to an overland mine conveyor system the material flow can be regulated and the number of onsite vehicles reduced.

Reduce operating costs

The SAMSON system provides an economical, custom-fit answer for raw material intake and movement. Our solutions eliminate the need for deep pits and underground equipment and provide maximum flexibility in location as they can be moved to other areas as needs evolve.  Running costs are also minimised with simplified access for housekeeping and maintenance.