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Food Stuffs & Agriculture

Efficient Mobile Handling Solutions for Food Stuffs and Agricultural Products

SAMSON Materials Handling has designed a comprehensive range of mobile equipment for the storage and export of cereals and similar agribulks.  Our equipment provides high performance with handling rates on Shiploaders to 1200 tonnes per hour with the flexibility of operating independently of dedicated infrastructure or port facilities.  When not in use mobile SAMSON equipment can be removed from the loading quays, parked nearby and freeing up space for other activities. With seasonal trade cycles in grain and food stuffs this proves to be an efficient use of space for ports and a cost-effective solution for grain exporters.

It is particularly important to limit the touch points when transferring between source and forward processing facilities in order to limit the degradation of the material.  Using a SAMSON System, dry bulk produce is received directly from trucks or front end loaders at the port or terminal and then transferred directly into the ongoing vessels.  The receiving hopper of the Samson Feeder provides a buffer facility so that discharging vehicles can operate on a continuous loop whilst the material is regulated by the belt speed and boom angle.  The material is travelled along the Shiploader and deposited in the vessel hold using an appropriate trimming system.

Multi-feed SAMSON Mobile Material Feeders linked to a Mobile Shiploader allow up to four trucks to discharge simultaneously for maximum continuous performance.