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Fertiliser Plants

SAMSON Materials Handling develops equipment suitable to the specific properties of the material being conveyed.  In the case of fertilisers, special consideration is given to the flow characteristics of the granules or powders as well as extra durability in the wear plates and liners.

Transporting free flowing particles

Transferring free flowing particles traditionally requires a lesser incline to discourage back slip.  When designing the conveying system SAMSON engineers ensure that the space available and the equipment required are configured to suit the material characteristics.  Some fertilisers may even require an antistatic belt to encourage efficient flow of the materials, and for the lightest of materials chevron belts provide the extra adhesion.

Corrosive and abrasive materials

SAMSON equipment delivers high levels of performance with minimum downtime.  The materials used for the conveyor are strong and resistant to the abrasive nature of the chemicals in the fertiliser.  With specially designed wear plates and wear liners SAMSON equipment is able to perform even under the harshest conditions.

Controlling fugitive dust

Many fertilisers are water soluble or potentially harmful if particles contaminate the surrounding area.  Therefore, it is important to keep fertilisers contained during transport and limit touch points where spillage may occur.  SAMSON equipment can be provided with a variety of dust suppression and containment measures; from filters to dust covers, to ensure that the fugitive particles are returned to the material flow, which also reduces waste.