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Cement Plants

SAMSON Materials Handling is a recognised specialist for the conveying and storage of all bulk materials pertaining to the cement and related industries.  The SAMSON range of products provides the link from the point of origin or quarry, through storage and transportation, to processing.

SAMSON equipment is deployed on the surface which simplifies cement plant layout and reduces project costs for both new works and the development of existing plant. For imported clinker and other raw materials and additives intake, the SAMSON solution opens up new opportunities for plant design not possible with traditional underground pits and hoppers. This provides the added benefit of easy relocation should future plant development demand it.

Logistics for the cement plant

The mobile SAMSON Shiploaders and Stormajor® Boom Feeders offer the cement plant operator a flexible alternative to conventional fixed installations for the storage of raw materials and export of cement clinker direct from truck to ship.

The mobile Shiploader receives material either from tipping truck or loading shovel for discharge direct to vessels up to Panamax size at handling rates to 1500 tons per hour.

For raw material and solid fuel stockpiling the Stormajor® receives material direct from tipping trucks and offers the performance of a fixed plant but with the flexibility of complete mobility without sacrificing reliability.

Minimum investment risks

SAMSON Mobile Systems offer high performance and fast track availability independent of fixed infrastructure, minimizing investment risk.