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Posted on: 23 02 | 2018

SAMSON successfully achieves re-accreditation to ISO 9001 at the new 2015 standard

SAMSON Materials Handling Ltd. has successfully achieved re-accreditation of the international quality management system ISO 9001.  SAMSON has also transitioned from the old 2008 to the newly recognised standard.

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Posted on: 17 01 | 2018

International Cement Review 2018 – Dust-free clinker delivery

Minimising the environmental impact when loading and unloading fine, dusty materials such as clinker is vital.  Samson Materials Handling Ltd has developed a range of mobile solutions that effectively limit dust generation, combat material degradation and reduce spillage.  Read more…

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Posted on: 1 12 | 2017

International Cement Review December 2017

Read the latest article in December's International Cement Review about SAMSON Eco Hoppers:  Clean, green & flexible. As part of its development of the Port of Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, terminal operator SEA-invest has installed a SAMSON Eco Hopper to facilitate…

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Posted on: 30 10 | 2017

Importing Dry Bulk Materials with SAMSON Eco Hoppers

The worldwide demand for Eco Hoppers is growing as stakeholders involved in the import of dry bulk materials are increasingly being held to account for the ecological and health implications of fugitive dust.  Port operators are working under strict guidelines…

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Posted on: 24 10 | 2017

Karl Woodhouse considers the structural and environmental considerations of importing cement clinker at a bulk terminal in Abidjan

How can port operators minimise the impact of imports when importing cement clinker? Recently, SEA-invest began developing a new facility at the Port of Abidjan, Ivory Coast, to provide an efficient unloading operation of cement bulks.  The scope of this…

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