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Posted on: 21 04 | 2017

AUMUND France and SAMSON to provide two additional Samson® Feeders to Sorfert, Algeria

In cooperation with AUMUND France, SAMSON Materials Handling announces an order from Sorfert in Algeria for two identical Samson® Material Feeder units designed to receive bulk prilled urea from 30 tonne tipping trucks.  These new Samson® Feeders will discharge into the existing…

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Posted on: 24 03 | 2017

Environmentally Respectful Import of Dry Bulk

With the increase of punitive measures for operations that have a negative environmental impact and the significant pressure on companies to increase efficiencies, port operators need to find new and innovative ways to ensure that they remain competitive. Mobile SAMSON…

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Posted on: 17 03 | 2017

SAMSON and AUMUND France Secure Order for Second Truck Unloader to STAMA, Tunisia

STAMA (Société de Transit d’Agence Maritime et d’Affrètement) has placed their second order for a Samson® Mobile 450 Super Series to be employed at the Port of Sousse, Tunisia. This equipment is designed to receive salt and sand with a…

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Posted on: 15 03 | 2017

Fertilizer Export Facility at the Port of Sillamae

SAMSON Fertilizer Export Facility - Truck to Ship - State of the Art Design. The Port of Sillamae in Estonia, through the Silsteve multifunction terminal operation, has chosen the SAMSON mobile shiploader with integral SAMSON feeders for the export of…

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Posted on: 14 12 | 2016

SEA-Invest places order for a SAMSON Eco Hopper

SEA-Invest, one of the world’s largest terminal operators with expertise spanning a multitude of port related activities in 25 ports over 2 continents,  have placed an order for an Eco Hopper from SAMSON Materials Handling Ltd., UK, destined for operation…

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