Panorama Mobile Shiploader

Mobile Shiploader

The mobile Shiploader offers flexible solutions for every loading application. The fully mobile chassis allows operations on every berth. Different designs match every type of vessel from barges to cape size. Loading capacity reaches up to 2,000 t/h, depending of the specifics of the material being handled. Our mobile Shiploaders are a cost effective and fast track solution with complete flexibility and can be combined with the SAMSON Material FeederReceiving Unit plus the Link Conveyor where fixed loading is required.

With the optional integrated SAMSON Material Feeder equipment the mobile Shiploader accepts dry bulk cargos direct from tipping trucks eliminating the need for any fixed equipment or dedicated port infrastructure. Integrated powered travel options allow fast positioning along the vessel for hold trimming to improve the overall loading rate. Integrated trimming systems with rotating chutes, radial thrower or dust controlled solutions allow accurate cargo placement with minimum environmental pollution.

Mobile Shiploaders offer a viable and economical alternative to fixed installations without sacrificing performance or reliability but with the flexibility on operate on any berth plus fast track availability to capitalise on short term market positions.


Olivine loading from jetty in greenland. Shiploader stored off berth. Shiploader and Link Conveyor combination loading copper concentrate. Grain loading with twin SAMSON receiving unit. Telescopic loading spout for effective dust control. Full mobility for fast track availability.