Panorama Link Conveyor

Link Conveyor

Joining Fixed and Mobile Plant

A mobile Link Conveyor provides a flexible solution to connect fixed and mobile equipment in Quarries and Ports retaining maximum flexibility and eliminating any need for fixed conveyors in the working area; available with handling rates to 3,000 tons per hour. In the quarry the conveyor transfers crushed stone from a mobile face crusher to a fixed in-pit belt conveyor installation allowing the working area to be quickly cleared for blasting operations.

In a Port or Bulk Terminal the Link Conveyor forms a mobile bridge between a fixed conveyor system or on-quay storage facility to a shiploader allowing the berth to be completely cleared of equipment when not loading ships freeing the area for other port operations.

Mobile Link Conveyors are available either tow travelled for economy or as illustrated here with full powered travel and manoeuvring systems for maximum performance and flexibility in operation.