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B&W strengthens sales of products for wood pellets in environmental technology

Future energy supply is on the daily agenda in the face of worldwide lack of raw materials. The special focus of those who are politically responsible lies in increased utilisation of sustainable raw materials (biomass) and the expansion of activities in the fields of recycling and waste management. In the coming years, reports 41 year-old Hugo van Benthem, biomass-products (e.g. wood chips)
will increase manyfold to up to 200 million tonnes. The Dutchman has been responsible for business development in the areas of recycling and waste management at B&W Mechanical Handling since February 1. Particularly in the export market of North America, but also in the import markets of Belgium, Netherlands, England and Germany, B&W would like to be more deeply involved if the handling of biomass products is involved. A shiploader installed by B&W four years ago in Panama City (Florida, USA) shows that the AUMUND Group offers optimum machinery for handling such biomass products.

Hugo van Benthem was until recently employed at KHD for the international cement business. His first experiences in the field of environmental technology were gained from his role as biogas installation salesman in the Netherlands, in the meantime he spent ten years in the crusher business in Finland. Goal for B&W: “More shiploader sales to the USA.“