Panorama Rock

From Mine Site to End User

At the mine site to address the cost of truck haulage and the associated environmental pollution, two routes are possble. With face crusher and mobile link conveyors joining the face to the fixed in-pit long haul conveyor installation or short haul by truck to a mobile SAMSON Material Feeder combined with rotary sizer to reduce the material size enabling economical long haul conveying to the process plant or export facility.

When the processor is far from the mine site, possibly a different country, then haulage by barge or deep sea vessel is the only practical solution. In this situation the Stormajor® Boom Feeder barge loader provides a flexible loading facility on a simple river berth.  For deep sea vessels at an existing port the mobile shiploader provides an export facility using a multi-purpose berth with road truck haulage from local stockpile.

Link conveyer


For the processor or port operator, the mobile Eco Hopper offers dust controlled import from geared vessels or using mobile harbour cranes without occupying a berth permanantly. From the Eco Hopper, the material may be moved to the processor by road or rail where the SAMSON Material Feeder affords an economical and evironmentally friendly opportunity for direct intake.

Eco-Hopper Samson intake to process