Panorama Metallic Ores

Heap Leaching

The mobile Stormajor® Boom Feeder provides an economical solution for the transfer of minerals to leach heap, generating a level plateau stockpile with the minimum of operator intervention and maximum flexibility.

The recovered ore may be processed on site or shipped to a smelter overseas using a Mobile Shiploader for export of the ore through an existing port, requiring no dedicated port infrastructure.

At the port of entry the Eco Hopper either linked by a belt conveyor or truck transfer to local storage or processing provides a dust controlled solution for the import of dry ores from deep sea vessels or barges.

For truck haulage the SAMSON Material Feeder provides a flexible solution for the discharge of tipping trucks or may be incorporated into rail discharge facilities for the intake of ore from railwagon.

Loading Iron Ore with the STORMAJOR