Panorama Coal and Petcoke

From Prep Plant to Consumer

For inland mining operations, movement by barge on inland waterways is generally the preferred route from mine to prep plant and from prep plant to export terminal.  The Stormajor® Boom Feeder offers a unique economical answer for loading high capacity barges from a simple river berth, requiring no jetty or permanent quay receiving coal direct from tipper trucks.

At the export terminal, the Mobile Shiploader provides an export capability from existing berths eliminating the need for fixed equipment and allowing the berth to be used for other operations between coal loading operations.

At the import terminal the mobile Eco Hopper provides a clean and effective method of import by grab from geared vessels and mobile harbour crane where there are no existing facilities.

For intermediate storage on or off the port, the Stormajor® Boom Feeder combined with truck transfer from the Eco Hopper offers and economical high performance and flexible method of generating a high volume stockpile without any fixed equipment. The Stormajor® may also be utiilised for loading coal or petcoke for loading to railcars for final inland distribution.

At the power plant, cement works or processor, coal may be imported by truck through a SAMSON Material Feeder or by using hopper-bottom rail wagons to a SAMSON Under-Rail Material Feeder. The SAMSON Material Feeder may be incorporated to a wagon tippler to receive the complete wagon content with minimum excavation requirements.


Coal intake with Samson receiving unit Mobile Stockpiling With STORMAJOR Eco Hopper