Panorama Mining

Mining Industry

Fully mobile Link Conveyors combined with a face crusher eliminate the need for any in-pit truck haulage, reducing operating costs and environmental pollution. Using a SAMSON Material Feeder as a mobile truck dump station for mining operations allows for most efficient use of truck and conveyor haulage to reduce operating costs. This combined with a twin shaft rotary sizer receives as-mined rock direct from dump trucks and discharges the sized material at a controlled rate direct to an overland conveyor system. The crushed stone may be exported by barge or deep sea vessel using mobile loading equipment providing maximum flexibility with minimum infrastructure cost. The Mobile Shiploader with integrated SAMSON Material Feeder for direct export truck to ship.

At the port of entry, the Eco Hopper on rubber tyres provides a dust controlled solution for grab discharge from ship or barge, combined with a telescopic loading chute to enable the mineral to be loaded to trucks for transfer inland to storage or process.

At the process plant the SAMSON Material Feeder provides an elegant, economical, custom-fit answer for raw material intake eliminating deep pits and underground equipment for maximum flexibility in location, simplified access for housekeeping and maintenance.

Samson intake to process