Panorama Sludge Handling

Sludge Handling

Sewage sludge and other filter press cake residues from industrial plant are extremely cohesive and unwilling to flow down any chute or hopper; they must be handled with considerable respect to achieve a reliable performance.

The wide apron belt design and the material stored depth is generally less than the belt width carrying the material and therefore bridging and blockage is eliminated. At the discharge the SAMSON Material Feeder raises the material and may transfer either to belt conveyor for onward handling or to twin screw feeders that plasticise the material such that it may be pumped using a  progressive cavity type pump.

For high volume storage up to 250 m3 the SAMSON Material Feeder concept may also be used to create a horizontal live bottom silo allowing discharge on demand to the process. Such storage units are generally supplied with a travelling plough feeder system above the SAMSON Material Feeder body to distruibute the sludge evenly along the body length.

Travelling plough distributor

Waste Treatment

The wide apron belt design of the SAMSON Material Feeder is the ideal solution for the reliable handling, intake and storage of wet and sticky filter press cake (sludge) within waste treatment plants.

For the intake of imported sludge the SAMSON Material Feeder receives the material direct from tipping trucks providing a buffer storage capacity and when combined with twin-screw metering feeders at the SAMSON Material Feeder discharge a closely regulated output rate down to 2 m3 per hour may be achieved for the reliable feeding of progressive cavity pumping systems for transfer of the sludge to intermediate storage.

Using the SAMSON Material Feeder design horizontal silos provide up to 300 tons of live storage capacity available to discharge on demand to the process plant without risk of bridging or blockage for material down to 25% dry solids content. Combined with a SAMSON Material Feeder truck dump station plus a travelling plough distribution conveyor the complete intake and storage system may be installed with the minimum of civil works and building costs in a compact low level package.