Panorama Biomass

Biomass Logistics from Forest
to Port to Power Plant

Forest products and waste may be converted to useful fuel known as wood chip and, to increase the density and calorific value, may be palletized to form an efficient fuel that is easily handled and transported.

Wood Chip or Pellet may be efficiently transported by barge on inland waterways, by rail if the infrastructure exists and/or by deep sea vessel.

SAMSON offers economical solutions for the loading and discharge of rail wagons, road trucks, barges and ships to Panamax size using a combination of surface mounted and mobile solutions offering maximum flexibility combined with high loading/discharge rates and best practice environmental standards.

We enable clients to take advantage of short term fast track market positions with minimum investment risk.

The SAMSON Material Feeder, Stormajor® Boom Feeder and Mobile Shiploader have many applications for the intake, stockpiling and export of Biofuels in general and forest products in particular, from woodchip through to poultry litter. For the intake of Biofuels delivered by tipping tuck to power plant, the SAMSON Material Feeder is ideal, providing a buffer holding capacity and a controlled rate discharge without risk of bridging or blockage thanks to the wide belt design which ensures reliable handling regardless of the material characteristics.

SAMSON Material Feeders (12 units) form the main intake facility for the largest power plant in the world (38,5 MW) handling exclusively poultry litter and consuming a total of 420,000 tons of litter annually.

The Stormajor® Boom Feeder and Mobile Shiploader are used extensively for the export of forest by-products within Scandinavia loading small vessels for discharge to local coastal power plant.

Quad Samson intake station for Electrobel power plant Jet Slinger Mobile Shiploading woodchip in Panama City Florida