Panorama Alternative Fuels

Alternative Fuels

In addition to Biomass there are many other potential fuels, the best-known example of which is end-of-life tyres. Effective both in terms of the calorific value and as a means of economic disposal, the tyre material has valuable energy and the steel wire included within the tyre can be used to replace iron ore which is generally added to manage the kiln chemistry in the cement process.

To ease transportation and handling problems, scrap tyres are generally shredded or chipped into pieces -250mm. These pieces usual have strands of wire hanging from their edges which can become lodged in other tyre chunks and create significant handling problems. The SAMSON Material Feeder can easily handle the chipped tyres and provides extended storage with over 100 tonnes holding capacity extending the recharge period. At the cement plant, the tyre chips may be injected to the riser duct using a simple double gate and metered from the SAMSON Material Feeder using a belt weigher acheiving a typical throughput of 10 tonnes per hour.

Demonstrating the flexibility of the SAMSON Material Feeder concept,  the absorbant material recovered from the Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Horizon oil spill was successfully disposed of through the cement kiln of Holcim Theodore using their tyre chip handling system which incorporates a 100 tonne capacity Samson® Feeder.

 Weighbelt feeder controlling final output rate Tyre chips First tyre chip SAMSON