Panorama Cement

Cement Industry

The SAMSON Material Feeder is the ideal solution for all raw material and solid fuel intake from tipping truck and rail car. Surface installation simplifies plant layout and reduces project costs for both new works and for development of existing plant; with maximum flexibility and minimum dust pollution.

For imported clinker and other raw materials and additives intake the SAMSON solution opens new opportunities for plant design not possible with traditional underground pits and hoppers with the added benefit of easy re-location should future plant development demand.

Alternative fuels such as tyre-chip, Pro-Fuel, saw-dust, sludge and similar combustible materials may be reliably received, stored and handled with the SAMSON Material Feeder and, thanks to the flexibility in location, projects may be realised with minimum cost and disruption.

Link Conveyor in a quarry Cement clinker in a SAMSON feeder Eco-Hopper

Shiploaders & Stackers

The Mobile Shiploader and Stormajor® Boom Feeder offer the cement plant operator or trader a flexible alternative to conventional fixed installations for the storage of raw materials and export of cement clinker direct from truck to ship.

For clinker exports the Mobile Shiploader receives material either from tipping truck or loading shovel for discharge direct to vessels up to Panamax size at handling rates to 1,500 tones per hour with the option of full dust control measures to minimise environmental pollution.

For raw material and solid fuel stockpiling the Stormajor® receives material direct from tipping trucks and offers the performance of a fixed plant but with the flexibility of complete mobility without sacrificing performance or reliability.

Mobile solutions offer high performance and fast track availability independent of fixed infrastructure allowing the plant operator or trader to take full advantage of short term market positions with minimum investment risk.