Panorama History


B&W Engineering was founded in 1966 by Tom Brown and Ray Woodbine in the picturesque Cambridgeshire city of Ely, UK, where the company still resides today. The founders initially created products for the light agricultural market before expanding into process and heavy mining industries. This experience across diverse markets has allowed B&W to develop a unique knowledge base that guarantees effective and economical design for each project, taking the wildly differing handling characteristics of each bulk material into account.

In 2002 the company was acquired by the AUMUND Group and in October 2012 we celebrated our 10th anniversary as part of the AUMUND family.

  Cabbage harvester Stormatic Hopper Historical shiploader

In 2013, B&W is changing to become SAMSON Materials Handling Ltd.

Commenting on the new brand, Managing Director Andy Blythe notes: "We are very proud of our heritage – we’ve been designing materials handling solutions for customers for 40 years – and our new brand will help us build on past successes and meet the challenges of the future with renewed vigour. We feel the time is right to set the foundations for the next era of business growth, and we sincerely hope you will be part of our story”.

Design Philosophy

SAMSON have developed a unique range of products that offer radical, alternative solutions to traditional bulk materials handling problems with the added benefit of complete flexibility in plant design, location and operation.

In a highly competitive bulk materials industry, the SAMSON range of mobile equipment offers:

  • High performance with total reliability
  • A compelling alternative to fixed installations
  • No need for dedicated civil works
  • Excellent return on capital investment